El nodo Cochrane de cuidados de enfermería ofrece la oprtunidad de publicar resumenes de revisiones cochrane en la

International Journal of Evidence-Based HealthCare

We are pleased to announce that the International Journal of Evidence-Based HealthCare has agreed to continue publishing summaries of Cochrane reviews related to nursing care in 2014.


The International Journal of Evidence-based Healthcare is a fully refereed journal that publishes original scholarly work relating to the synthesis (translation), transfer (distribution) and utilisation (implementation and evaluation) of evidence to inform multidisciplinary health care practice.


We are looking for members to volunteer to develop summaries for this journal. This is a great opportunity to get a publication/s. The details are as follows:


·         The journal wants to publish 4 summaries in 3 issues, a total of 12 per year.

·         They have not preselected reviews to summarise

·         The deadlines are as follows:

o   17th Feb 2014

o   19th May 2014

o   25th August 2014


If you are interested and available to write for this journal, please contact with Cindy Stern at

The Journal has not preselected titles so please nominate a Cochrane Review that has been published in the last 12 months and include that title in your email.Guidance on how to write a summary will be provided